Another great cosplay video from the boys over at sneakyzebra

Character: Oswin Oswold - Doctor Who
Costume by: Helnn
Photo by: Tascha Dearing Art
Event: UKC Picnic


My girlfriend in her Morrigan cosplay from Dragon Age Origins.
Quite possibly my favourite cosplay of hers ♡

Photography by:


Photos from Hyper Japan are turning up :D

Myself as Zevran from Dragon Age Origins

Photography by:



"The Avatar? Pfft please…"

Lin Bei Fong from the Legend of Korra.
Cosplay by Littlegeeky.
Photos by MadameLapin.

Character: Booker Dewitt - Bioshock: Infinite
Cosplayer: Carlos Grossi

Photographer: EmzonePhotography 

Character: Subzero

Photographer: Shinigami Photography

Cosplayer: Michael Gi-sei Smith 

Fem! 11 by ~DEAD-SoLdIeR

Character: The Emperor 

Cosplayer: Andy

Photographer: Andrei Guiamoy Photography


"I….I want power! The power to take revenge on the ones who did this to me!! Demon, i’ll make a contract with you!"