Characters/Costumers in order of appearance:

Classic Harley Quinn Unhooded: Celia-Jade Mitchard

Formal Joker: Joseph ‘Kynin’ Christie

Riddler: roguewizard

"Alice" Harley Quinn: drquinzel

All photos by: hoperidesforeveralone

Event: London Super Comic Con 2012

Character: The Ridder, The Joker and Professor Pyg - DC

Costume/Worn by: Lee, Scott, and Mollins

Photo by: Ragemore

Character: The Joker

Costumer: Chris Stone

Event: SFX Weekend 2012

Character: The Joker - Batman - Arkham Asylum 

Costumer: flames-of-monki

Photo by: Laura

Event: LFCC 2010