Character: Oswin Oswold - Doctor Who
Costume by: Helnn
Photo by: Tascha Dearing Art
Event: UKC Picnic

Character: Dovahkiin (The Dragonborn) from Skyrim
Costume by: gttp://
Photo by: Lion Pride Cosplay

Character - Twi’lek Sith Inquisitor from the game Star Wars The Old Republic MMO

made - by LittleMissMetamorph

photo by Darren Rowley

Event - LFCC June 2013

Characters: 2-D, Murdoc, Noodle from Gorillaz

Costumes by: c-schneider, 1000014, Saffron-Jay

Photo by: Foxy

Event: Birmingham Memorabilia Fair 2013

Character: CharacterX from SeriesX
Costume By: MakerX
Photo By: PhtographerX
Event: EventX - See more at:

Character: Raven from Teen Titans
Costume By: princesswombat
Photo By: League of Extraordinary Cosplayers
Event: London MCM Expo May ‘13

Character: Franky “Time Skip” One Piece
Costume By: Seta Masters
Photo By: Ben Feather Murphy

Submitted by: goku726

Characters: Fionna and Marshall Lee from Adventure Time

Costumes by: Fionna by Kez and Marshall Lee by Sophie

Photo by: chillier-photography

Event: Telford MCM Expo 2013

Submitted by: codpieceboogie

Character: Marco Phoenix - One piece
Costume By: leviah
Photo By: Elizabeth Coombes
Event:  McM October expo 2012
Submitted by: goku726 

Character: Black Widow from Avengers 
Costume By: Alias
Photo By: Akraru Photography
Event: London Expo 2012

Submitted by: aliasdotcom

Character: Minda TLZ:Twillight Princess
Costume by: Allarna Jane Hinds
Photo by: Martin Wan
Submitted by: