End-Game Femshep by ~Eristhe

Character: Raven from Teen Titans
Costume By: princesswombat
Photo By: League of Extraordinary Cosplayers
Event: London MCM Expo May ‘13

Dragon Age Origins: Morrigan Cosplay by ~darrynonline

…they’re stealing my bloody clock. by ~Jerri-Kay

Bastila Shan + Jedi - Cosplay #2 by ~MagSul

Character: Marco Phoenix - One piece
Costume By: leviah
Photo By: Elizabeth Coombes
Event:  McM October expo 2012
Submitted by: goku726 

Character: Connor Kenway from Assassins Creed III
Costume By: Wayne Adams
Event: MCM Expo (October 2012) 

Submitted by: Wayne Adams 

.hack //GU

Character: Infected Kite

Costumer: Emi-zone

Photographer: Blasteh

The Guardian of the Catholic Church

Character: The Magdalena - Top Cow Comics

Costumer: Athora-x

Photographer: Nert

Character: Ragdoll - DC comics,

Costumer:  comicbookantihero 

Photographer: ShinigamiPhotography

Event: London MCM, May 2012

Submitted by: comicbookantihero