Character: Black Widow from Avengers 
Costume By: Alias
Photo By: Akraru Photography
Event: London Expo 2012

Submitted by: aliasdotcom

Deadpool and Boba Fett Do Christmas‏! (by sneakyzebra)

Happy Holidays folks. 

X-Men: Boom, Boom.

Character: Gambit - X-Men

Costumer: `tealpirate

Photographer: AquaAssassin

Character: Elektra

Costumer: LisaHPG

Photographer: Darren Rowley

Event: LFCC 2012

Character: She-Hulk - Marvel Comics

Costumer: moosefix

Character: Spider-Man - The Amazing Spider-Man Movie Variant

Costumer: Callum
Photo by: hoperidesforeveralone

Character: Logan - X-Men - Marvel Comics

Costumer: David French

Photo by: hoperidesforeveralone

Characters: Ms Marvel and Black Cat - Marvel Comics

Costumers: Beth and Chloe

Photo by: Dan Hardwick

Event: Birmingham Memorabilia

Character: The Kingpin - Marvel Comics

Costumer: Matthew Butler

Photo by: Ragemore

Character: The Vulture - Spider-Man/Marvel Comics

Costumer: Lee

Photo by: Ragemore