Rogue @ LFCC 2013 

Saturday i did a lot of small sets this is one of them (though I wish I had got more!)

Rogue - Sootydragon

Photographer - So Say We All

Full set here [X]

Character: Black Widow from Avengers 
Costume By: Alias
Photo By: Akraru Photography
Event: London Expo 2012

Submitted by: aliasdotcom

Deadpool and Boba Fett Do Christmas‏! (by sneakyzebra)

Happy Holidays folks. 

X-Men: Boom, Boom.

Character: Gambit - X-Men

Costumer: `tealpirate

Photographer: AquaAssassin

Character: Elektra

Costumer: LisaHPG

Photographer: Darren Rowley

Event: LFCC 2012

Deadpool and Friends

London Film and Comic Con 2012

Deadpool: BloodSpider

Harley Quinn: drquinzel

Tank Girl: Ragemore

Photographer: Nick Acott

Rogue and Gambit - Emmy and Mitch

Photographer/Editor - The-legend-of-josh 

Event: LFCC 2012

Two Great Videos of LFCC by  sneakyzebra 

London Film & Comic Con - I Just Want To Be a Superhero (by sneakyzebra)


London Film & Comic Con - We’re Going Up (Bonus Video) (by sneakyzebra)

Character: Maidpool

Costumer: comicbookantihero 

Submitted by: comicbookantihero 

Character: Scarlet Witch 

Costumer: Chelsea

Photographer: monkeycroft

SFX: Josh Gorczyca