Ellis gone - Ellie: KellyJane

Nick gone - Nicola: vampiric-angel

Photographer: Ragemore

Event: Kita Con 4

Left 4 Dead


Francis: BloodSpider

Hunter 1: Michael

Coach: Gurlow

Witch: Ragemore

Ellis: KellyJane

Rochelle: Pondermoofin

Hunter 2: Joseph ‘Kynin’ Christie

Nick: VampiricAngel

Hunter/Witch Hybrid: Scott

Zoey:  SerafinasCharm 

Photo by: Matthew “Blasteh - I love to run naked in the halls of KitaCon” Chan

Event: Kita Con 4 

L4D2 - Name’s Nick.

Character: Nick - Left4Dead 2

Costume/Worn by: *vampiric-angel

Photo by: Ragemore

Midlands: L4D Bill

Character: Bill - Left 4 Dead

Costume/Worn: By Epic Bill - He has a name but no galleries, so he is just dubbed Epic Bill - its the beard

Photo by: ragemore roberts

Event Midlands Expo 2011

Character: Zoey from Left 4 Dead
Costume By: Nomi
Photo By: Charlotte Kinson