Riddler and Penguin


Riddler: roguewizard

Penguin: Mollins

Photographer: zomzomtography

Lounging on the Cocoon

Character: Doctor Mrs The Monarch - Venture Brothers

Costumer: Steph

Photographer: zomzomtography

Characters: Rapunzel and Flynn from Tangled

Cosplayers: chimocho and Reiss

Costumes made by: chimocho

Photo by: CrystalCharmer

Event: Kitacon 4

Character: PaRappa the Rapper, Lammy and Chop Chop Master Onion.
Cosplayers: NakedSaladLuminescence and Bryoz.
Photo by: ManyLemons
Event: Kitacon IV

Submitted by: nakedsalad 

Characters: Miguel and Tulio - The Road to El Dorado


Miguel - Callum 

Tulio - Joseph ‘Kynin’ Christie

Photographer: Nert

As they enter

Character: Garrus Vakarian - Mass Effect

Costumer: ~Manjou

Photographer: Nert

Kerrigan 5

Character: Kerrigan - StarCraft

Costumer: *Aliasdotcom

Photographer: Nert

Video by: manylemons

Event: Kita Con 4

(Source: manylemons.co.uk)



The Imperial Condesce: castelloinaria 
The Dolorosa: hunkrump  


Event: Kita Con 4
From castelloinaria

"These are some of the photos from our ancestor photoshoot!
We didn’t manage to get a full group shot BUT we did get some really nice pairing shots and single ones. 

I’m not as happy with this cosplay as i should be given the time i took to make. Mainly i was aiming for accuracy to the original drawing by Hussie -minus the black face- which i did manage slightly..sort of? 

Anyways! There will be some more to come on my Empress cosplay, until then I  ) (OP—-E you MAK-E it through these photos ALIV-E!”

GlaDOS - You must really, REALLY love to test

Character: GlaDOS - Portal Series - Human Variation

Costumer: ~Butterfly-Goddess

Photo by: Elegy

Event: Kita Con 4