Baby chocobo’s new home! 

Photo location: Hardraw Force, Yorkshire Dales

Photoshoot: June 16th 2012
Series: Final Fantasy XIII

~yuka-rin as Oerba dia Vanille
~Nemesis-Yojimbo as Sazh Katzroy
Photographer: =Blasteh

Character: Lulu - Final Fantasy X-2

Costumer: Missytetra

Photo by: Blasteh

Event: Kitacon 2010

Characters: Tifa Lockhart and Cid Highwind - Final Fantasy VII Advent Children

Costumer profile: Tifa: LittleBlondGoth Cid: Unknown

Wallmarket Cloud and Red XIII from Final Fantasy VII

Cloud cosplay made and worn by Naomi

Red XIII made and worn by Bo

Photo taken by Anna at Hyper Japan 2011

Submitted by: monkeycroft:

"I’m so proud of these girls. They were the ones who got me into the cosplay world and went on to win the Square Enix cosplay competition at Hyper last year"

Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy

Costume by Kathryn

Photo by Anna

Photo taken at Hyper Japan 2011

Submitted by:  monkeycroft

Character: Serah Farron - Final Fantasy 

Costume/worn by: Ashley

Photo by: Blasteh

Character: Sephiroth - Final Fantasy 
Costume/Worn by: Sephirayne 

Photo by: Kazz

Event: Oct London Expo 2008

Our Struggle Lies Within. by ~Kerhys

Characters from Final Fantasy:


Snow - Ciaran
Vanille - ~WelcomeToMyWorldVXI
Fang -  Kerhys 
Lightning - *papercutperfect
Sazh - Alex
Hope - *Emi-zone

Photo by: Lucy

Character: Jecht - Final Fantasy X  Dissidia 

Costume/Worn by: J-Ney Antique

Photo by:  Trinity Wisdom-StudiosAaron Charlton

Character: Vanille from Final Fantasy XIII
Costume By: Yuka [website] [tumblr]
Photo By: Emi-Zone [deviantArt] [tumblr]
Event: Japan Expo 2011, Paris, France

Submitted by Yukapants