The Walking Dead @ LFCC 2013 [Zombie Nom Noms]

A little mix of the comic / TV Series and the games here for this small The Walking Dead cosplay shoot.

( or should I say … AMC’s The AMC’s Walking AMC’s Dead … AMC AMC AMC’S xDDD)

Rick - Squallwolfheart
Shane - Hobowhooves
Molly - Abby

Photographer - So Say We All

Full set here [X]

Assassins Creed - Duel
Character: Conner - Assassins Creed 3

Costumer: Richard Ash

Photographer: faramon

Deadpool and Friends

London Film and Comic Con 2012

Deadpool: BloodSpider

Harley Quinn: drquinzel

Tank Girl: Ragemore

Photographer: Nick Acott


Chelsea as Janine Melnitz 

Matt as Egon Spengler

Costumes by Them 

Photographer/Editor: the-legend-of-josh

Character: Ragdoll - DC comics,

Costumer:  comicbookantihero 

Photographer: ShinigamiPhotography

Event: London MCM, May 2012

Submitted by: comicbookantihero 

Character: Power Girl from DC Comics
Costume Made By: lilprince Worn By: princesswombat
Photo By: Danni Carter
Event: London MCM Expo May ‘12

Submitted by: princesswombat 

Free Comic Book Day - Heroes Alliance UK - @ The Traveling Man in Leeds

Superman: emerald-dawn
Punisher: Stewart Loud
Riddler: roguewizard
Professor Pyg: cobblepot
Loki: wyrd5ister
Symbiote Spider-Man: skawtticus
Nightwing: Adam Bakes
Harley Quinn: drquinzel


"Here’s a photo of the Leeds HAUK team from Free Comic Book Day!

We had a great day at Travelling Man in Leeds, collecting for charity, and had a few photos taken by members of the public, and with some wee kids!”

Look there she goes that girl is so peculiar

Costumer: *Andserkiel

Costume made by Pixie Dust Boutique

Photographer: Paul Jacques

UK Garrison/Reel Icons’ - Star Gate Team

Event: Birmingham - Memorabilia

Photo by: Andy Morely