Winter London Film & Comic Con!

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Rogue @ LFCC 2013 

Saturday i did a lot of small sets this is one of them (though I wish I had got more!)

Rogue - Sootydragon

Photographer - So Say We All

Full set here [X]

Character: Raven from Teen Titans
Costume By: princesswombat
Photo By: League of Extraordinary Cosplayers
Event: London MCM Expo May ‘13


Dance Like Nobody’s Watching: The Harley Shake (by sneakyzebra)

drquinzel as Harley Quinn


Poison Ivy by Jerri-Kay / Choupett

Photography by TrinityWisdom

Submitted by choupett


Character: Catwoman

Photograph by Simon Trussell Photography
Also Sexy Cosplay Girls

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Submitted by fairyporchqueen

Sneaky Zebra
's MCM October Expo 2012 Video 

(Source: faramon)

Riddler and Penguin


Riddler: roguewizard

Penguin: Mollins

Photographer: zomzomtography

X-Men: Boom, Boom.

Character: Gambit - X-Men

Costumer: `tealpirate

Photographer: AquaAssassin

Red Sonja Cosplay
Character: Red Sonja

Costumer: Artyfakes

Check out their page
on information on howto commission some of their amazing prop work.