"Film shots from MCM Midlands & LSCC Expo’s Feb 2013. This video couldn’t be achieved without the dedication and patience of the cosplayers. This is the first time we’ve added After Effects to our video’s and hope to progress in doing so. Please feel free to subscribe to keep notified for the next upload from MCM May Expo. Thank you to everyone who participated" - Glitch Visuals



Dance Like Nobody’s Watching: The Harley Shake (by sneakyzebra)

drquinzel as Harley Quinn

Character: Harley Quinn from Batman (own design)
Costume by: Eleae Mischievous-Noir
Photo by: N8E Photography
Event: October MCM Expo 2012
Submitted by: 


Poison Ivy by Jerri-Kay / Choupett

Photography by TrinityWisdom

Submitted by choupett


Character: Catwoman

Photograph by Simon Trussell Photography
Also Sexy Cosplay Girls

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Submitted by fairyporchqueen

Sneaky Zebra
's MCM October Expo 2012 Video 

(Source: faramon)

Riddler and Penguin


Riddler: roguewizard

Penguin: Mollins

Photographer: zomzomtography

Character: Poison Ivy from DC comics universe (Kotobukiya Bishoujo statue version

Costume By: Eternal0Aranel

Photo By: Kerrybeckerphotography

Event: Glasgow Comic Con

Submitted by: 

Character: Poison Ivy from Arkham City

Costume by: Jemz Thomson

Photo by: Rob Taylor

Event: LFCC 2012

Submitted by: jemzamia 

Character: Catwoman

Costumer: FairyPorchQueen

Phototgrapher: Moosefix

Event: Kapow Comic Con 2012