Free Comic Book Day - Heroes Alliance UK - @ The Traveling Man in Leeds

Superman: emerald-dawn
Punisher: Stewart Loud
Riddler: roguewizard
Professor Pyg: cobblepot
Loki: wyrd5ister
Symbiote Spider-Man: skawtticus
Nightwing: Adam Bakes
Harley Quinn: drquinzel


"Here’s a photo of the Leeds HAUK team from Free Comic Book Day!

We had a great day at Travelling Man in Leeds, collecting for charity, and had a few photos taken by members of the public, and with some wee kids!”

Character: The Ridder, The Joker and Professor Pyg - DC

Costume/Worn by: Lee, Scott, and Mollins

Photo by: Ragemore

Character: Professor Pyg - Batman

Costume/Worn by: Cobblepot

Mask by: Laban of 4th Wall Design

Photo by: Ragemore Roberts 

Event: MCM Expo Oct 2011