X-Men: Boom, Boom.

Character: Gambit - X-Men

Costumer: `tealpirate

Photographer: AquaAssassin


Ellis gone - Ellie: KellyJane

Nick gone - Nicola: vampiric-angel

Photographer: Ragemore

Event: Kita Con 4

Undead Disney Midlands 

Zombie Characters:
Jack Sparrow, Esmerelda, Tinkerbell, Cinderella, Jane, Merlin, Ariel, Tarzan, Jafar, Belle, Aladdin, Jasime

Costumers: Members of  UndeadCosplay with guest members of Parle Productions

Costume credit, go to either their wearer or another member of Undead Cosplay. 

(See link for links to each costumers personal profiles) 

Photo by: Matthew “Blasteh” Chan

Event: MCM Midlands 2010

Darth Talon - Assassin

Character: Darth Talon - Star Wars EU

Costumer: KellyJane

Photo by: flames-of-monki