Dance Like Nobody’s Watching: The Harley Shake (by sneakyzebra)

drquinzel as Harley Quinn

Character: Red Robin

Costumer: Callum French

Photo by: Ragemore

Characters: Green Lantern Enforcer vs Yellow Lantern Scarecrow
Green Lantern by Scott Barker

Yellow Lantern by: Joseph ‘Kynin’ Christie

Photo by: Ragemore

Character: Poison Ivy - DC
Costume/worn by: FairyPourchQueen

Event: Kapow Comic Con 2011

Characters: Bane and Batman - DC

David French as Bane

Ryan Jenkins as Batman

Photo by: D Rowley Photography-drp 

Under the Streets of Gotham

Characters: Riddler and Zatanna Zatara - DC Comics


FishyFins as The Riddler

Andserkiel as Zatanna

Photo by: Pete of CosplayFever

Characters: Green Arrow & Black Canary
Costumers: Tian Squires with Gemma Morland

Character: Professor Pyg - Batman

Costume/Worn by: Cobblepot

Mask by: Laban of 4th Wall Design

Photo by: Ragemore Roberts 

Event: MCM Expo Oct 2011

Character: Robin - Teen Titans: Animated Series

Costumer: CaptainCarpet

Event: LFCC 2011