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Robert [X]


Character: Spider-Man from The Amazing Spider-Man 2


It’s always nice to meet people at conventions & expos that are cosplaying from the same series/video game as you are! 

This is ScarletFlame as The Light, Schwarze-Katze as The Illusion and me as #Sakura (#CardCaptorSakura).

The photo was taken by Feena in 2008!


Cleaning the house escalated quickly #edwardscissorhands #makeup #wemeetagainwig


Birmingham Memorabilia Fair 2013

Careful who you meet in the men’s toilet!

Harley Quinn


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Genefreak Cosplay as Rogue (X-Men)

Photo Credit to Ace A.M.P Photography

Submitted by genefreakcosplay []


Ruby as Morrigan

Dragon Age

Taken at London MCM Comic-Con, 25-27th October 2013

The full convention photoset can be found here.


The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

Aela the Huntress and the Dragonborn

Taken at Midlands MCM Comic Con, 16th February 2013

More here


Jack Frost

Rise of the Guardians

Taken at Birmingham MCM Comic-Con/Memorabilia, March 2013

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The Evil Queen [Regina Mills]

Once Upon a Time

Taken at London MCM Comic-Con, 24-26th May 2013

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