~UKC Cosplayer Showcase~

Characters: Big Sister and Little Sister from Bioshock 2 
Cosplayers: Cardiology Cosplay
Photo from: Mcm Buzz Magazine

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~UKC Feature~
Tim Lucas of Masubi & Locust Cosplay 
The man the legend the bearded, if you have had the pleasure of meeting Tim you have probably had a good time. A master of BIG cosplays with heavy duty armour, and a willingness to share his knowledge Tim is someone to keep an eye on cause whatever cosplay he plans up next is nearly guaranteed to be a show stopper. 

You can catch Tim upcoming at Cardiff Film and Comic Con. 

As aforementioned Tim is the current owner of one majestic piece of facial fuzz, which he is shaving off for charity. Have a lil extra change to spare, why not give it to a great cause the Velindre Cancer Centre in honour of the slaying of this beard. 


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Batwoman by Vamp Rouge Cosplay

Photo by Shinigami Photography

(Source: )


Cosplayer: Lisa Marie Cosplay [facebook.com/LisaMarieCosplay]

Character: Black Widow

Submitted by Sonesh Joshi [facebook.com/SonSonPhotography]


Post Apocalyptic Assassin by Clio Adams
Photo by Darren Rowley Photography
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~UKC Feature~ 

Today UKC is proud to bring you a triple dose of cosplay awesome all wrapped up in one lovely person. 
Tascha of Tascha Dearing Art / Tascha Dearing

Tascha is a photographer, cosplayer and a phenomenal photo editor. Some of her work has even been shared by the game makers themselves. 

Do yourself a favour and check out both pages. 
Tascha also accepts commissions, info can be found on her art page. 

Cosplayer - Tascha Dearing - Rosalind Lutece
Cosplayer - Joshua Walker - Robert Lutece
*Photography and Editing by Tascha Dearing 

Retouching/Photomanipulation - By Tascha Dearing 
Original Photo by - https://www.facebook.com/CottonWallPhotographer
Cosplayer - TigerLily Cosplay 


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~UKC Cosplay Showcase~ 

Cosplayer: Si Spencer 
Photographer Angel Martin
More at: Littleblondegoth Cosplay

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~UKC Cosplayer Showcase~

Shana from shakugan no shana
Cosplayer: Chiyochar Cosplay
Photographer: Forecast Designs 

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Team UK 2014

Preliminary Costumes
Tsubasa | Syoaran & Sakura

Photography by Frazzy

Hope you guys have had a great weekend  I’d like to throw the spotlight on someone i’ve known for a few years now and am proud to have him photograph as many of my costumes as I can fit in his face.

No doubt you will have seen some of Darren Rowley Photography work. From amazing shots of cosplayers to some more risque shots of models, his work is fabulous across the board. He is also sweet, kind and very patient with cosplayers who might not have 100% of the grasp of modelling a costume (me). Make sure you take the time to check out his page and send a like his way. I promise you, you wont regret it. Here’s just one photo I have chosen to spotlight today, FairyPorchQueen Cosplay as Selene from Underworld. (look for her beautiful face in a future feature)

-Ragemore. x

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