House of M - Rogue

Cosplayer: Drunkleycp

Photographer: Carlos Adama Geek Photography



First time wearing it. Discovered a few things I need to change (eg length of shoulder straps) and things I should completely remake (eg the head piece). But yay, my first FE:A cosplay!

Photos & help by Digi and stormew.


Black Widow - Marvel Cosplay LSCC 2014 @ So Say We All

I finally made use of my colour gels! .. So happy xD This absolutely lovely lady is Lisa Marie Cosplay, her Black Widow cosplay is awesome and I may of helped by providing some firepower (*looks at the MP5SD6*) to her xD.

Please do look at her page and my page below!

Black Widow - Lisa Marie Cosplay

Photographer - So Say We All Photography/


I don’t want to kill anyone. I don’t like bullies. I don’t care where they’re from.

Casual Fem!Captain America- Avengers Assemble

FemCap // Rescue Cap // Photographer 1 // Photographer 2 // Photographer 3

Another great cosplay video from the boys over at sneakyzebra


The Walking Dead family

Rosita by Ragemore Roberts
Shane by Alex Roberts
The Governor by So Say We All
Rick Grimes by Squallwolfheart
Daryl Dixon by Choupett
Glenn by Bloodspider
Maggie by Tigerlily

London Super Comic Con 2014
Photography by Nick Acott for Geeks are Sexy 

(Source: angelinevoltair)

~UKC Cosplayer Showcase~

Doctor Doom - Hartles Cosplay.
Photographer: Ian B -

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~UKC Cosplayer Showcase~ 

Costume - World Of Warcraft Tauren Deathknight
Costumer - Kosplay Kimi
Photographer - Yilei Wu -

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~UKC Feature~ 
ECG Team UK 2014 
Cosplex - Solo 
Laura Sindall & Enja Cosplay - Group 

The amount of talent among these three is staggering. There’s not much in cosplay that one if not all these lot could cover if you asked them. Truly talented, respected, well rounded group of cosplayers and your UK reps for the 2014 ECG - European Cosplay Gathering

Follow their pages for their personal work, team work and adventures leading up to and at the ECG Finals in Paris.

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~UKC Cosplayer Showcase~

Dead Space - Isaac Clarke
Cosplyaer: Papasmurf515 cosplay
Photographer: Tomas.M Photography

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