ECG Team UK 2014 swept the ECG - European Cosplay Gathering Season 4 Finals taking both group and solo categories down here at Paris Japan Expo

Head on over to their team page or their personal pages to see more of their costumes and to say congratulations:
Group: Enja Cosplay and Laura Sindall
Solo: Cosplex

Team UK will be re-performing their skit at HYPER JAPAN if you wish to see it in person. UKC will post links to the performances once we come across them online. 

Also be sure to go and show some support for WCS Team UK with their upcoming competition at World Cosplay Summit 



I’m looking for cosplayers in the South East/Kent area to do some shoots with me during summer. At the moment the only time I really get to do any cosplay photography is at MCM Expo, but I want to build up my portfolio and practice lots so I can become a better photographer. 

Shoots are free (I’m doing this purely for fun and practice) and will most likely take place around the beginning or middle of August. I’d like it if anyone interested would message me (on here or facebook) by the end of July to discuss what costumes you’d like to shoot and we can work out locations and times etc. You will recieve digital copies of the images from the shoot for you to use on social media etc.

In reality this offer is open to anyone who wants a shoot and is willing/can get to Kent or possibly London. I can’t really travel any further due to cost (I have no car and trains are expensive.)

More examples of my work can be found on Facebook and Flickr


Sunnycon: Cosplay Showcase (from my table :v)

I pretty much couldn’t move from my table all weekend but I did manage to snap some great cosplayers that passed by, including special guest Twinfools  :D

Many feels for babby Link and Midna xD

Helloo, Any chance you could help me out with some UK based cosplay commissioners? i can only find a few myself that don't do pre-made costumes, Thanks in advance :3

No problem here is a list of commissioners in the UK.

If you have something specific you are looking for join the UK Cosplay FB group and ask, usually someone has an answer or a commissioner will reply. 


Guilt and Reason . Elizabeth Cosplay by Charjuku






Yang Xiao Long from RWBY

Cosplay by Littlegeeky

Photo by Pharaoh Shoots
Taken at Kitacon 2014.

Hi, i really want to get into cosplaying. But i'm really worried that because i'm black people would think my cosplay is not good, and i'll be seen as a joke. Should i stick black characters? (p.s awesome blog btw)

Hi Anon. Ragemore here, admin for UKC. Cosplay is about having fun, creativity,making friends and showing your love of a series or fandom.  Theres always a few bad eggs who like to spoil your fun, but you should cosplay whoever the hell you want. It doesnt matter if youre black white yellow blue. Who gives a damn. Cosplay characters you love. Cosplay characters you identify with. Or cosplay characters who just fit your aesthetic. Most importantly be you. And if anyone says anything, fuck em. 


Cardiff Film And Comic Con Mar 2014

Sherlock Holmes

Cosplayer: Oisin Shaw


You can find more photos at

[Tumblr] [Facebook] [Twitter] [Flickr]



little-geeky as Yang from RWBY // Part 1 of 2 // Photos

I’m overall really happy with how this costume turned out. There are parts that I Want to re-do as they were rushed but overall I’m just so happy with it! She’s almost there! A big thank you to Jemma who took these amazing pictures for me! I just adore them!