London Film And Comic Con - July 2014


Cosplayer: Lewis Sawyer


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MCM Expo - May 2014

Poison Ivy and Ra’s Al Ghul

Cosplayer: Lois Sawford and James Baggins Bigmore


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"…you will know peace."

Character: Scott Summers/Cyclops and Emma Frost from X-Men

Costumes by: Cyclops by Supremeoutcast, Emma Frost by Hollysocks

Photo by: Andrei Guiamoy Photography

Event: MCM London May 2014

See more of my cosplay work at Supremeoutcast Cosplay


Asgardian Storm at the LSCC by Stormt1000 on Flickr.


Dressed to Express: A Cosplay Documentary [x]

Dressed To Express is a short documentary that provides an insight into the hobby and culture of ‘cosplay’. Cosplay is the act of creating and wearing the costumes of your favourite characters from TV, Film, Video Games, Comics etc. The UK cosplay scene is constantly growing, with many emerging ‘cosplay stars’ gaining internet fame and recognition. The aim of this documentary is explain what cosplay is, why these people do it and what have they gained from it? The film features both very well known cosplayers and lesser known ones.

A cosplay documentary for a university project by Jemzamia Cosplay.


Gwen and Spidey From LFCC this past weekend. Photo by LP Cosplay Photography.


'Well, you'll remember me a little. I'll be a story in your head. But that's OK. We're all stories in the end…'
Amy Pond - Hayley Smith
11th Doctor & edit - MattEleven
Photo by Soph


I adore these pictures of me, Hayley and Matt Just Buy The Toad Photography took of us this weekend!


AyaCon Cosplay Ball ticket sales now open, guys.